Financial Habits

Kripananda Chidambaram, 05 Jun 2012

Habits and routines in life

All of us have habits in life. Certain habits will lead you to happiness and success and few others will bring problems in life. Smarter ones identify negative habits and work on them to change it. They change their habits by way of planning, determination, discipline and perseverance.

Financial Habits

Similarly you also have certain financial habits. Society, aspirations, lack of knowledge, unscrupulous sales people, lack of time, greed, lack of interest, fear, gullibility, etc , all inculcate negative financial habits in you. These habits get formed over a period of time. Negative financial habits will give you money problems in life. How much ever you earn, you will not be able to solve the money problems. Money problems can be solved only by way of inculcating positive financial habits.

Earlier we saw that smarter people become aware of their negative habits and they work on it. Similarly if you want to come out of your negative financial habits you need to plan and act upon it with determination and perseverance

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